Our Design Approach

As  a full-service design-build landscaping company, GROWING DESIGNS specializes in creating unique outdoor living spaces. We make use of existing resources, constraints of the terrain and follow the contours of nature as much as possible. Within this context, the aesthetic, recreational, functional, and safety needs of the client are woven into the design.

Outdoor Living Spaces:

My intention is to motivate clients to engage actively with their land, by providing designs that invite them outdoors, assure safe and easy access, and are well integrated with the existing site and built structures. This may be expressed with many different strategies and structures: paths and walkways, arches, arbors, gates, fences, benches, screens, patios, decks, water features, outdoor gaming areas, outdoor ovens or fire pits, retaining walls, herb and perennial gardens, meditation spaces, custom furniture and accessories, etc.

Natural Spaces:

Integration and interface with the existing natural terrain is a primary consideration in my design work, where it is appropriate.  Creating trails and naturalistic stone or cedar log steps to gain access to desirable natural destinations is a specialty. Working with the terrain to assure appropriate drainage and stability is worked into the designs.

Use of Native Plants and Healthy Strategies for Optimum Plant Growth:

Since joining the landscape profession in 1982, I have worked with Xeriscape principles and design strategies. I have in-depth experience using native plants in the urban landscape, and strategies for reducing deer, grasshopper, peacock and other wildlife intrusions through plant selection. I know the value of investing in high quality soil amendments to provide healthy growing conditions for plants.

Knowledgeable Use of Construction Materials:

I have designed structures with stone, brick, tile, pavers, metal, and wood. I am familiar with the values and uses of gravel, pebbles, decomposed granite. I have designed many underground and surface drainage systems, and many water features of different styles and structures. I have many relationships with allied tradespeople who do high quality work.

Landscapes Created with Maintenance in Mind:

All landscapes require maintenance which can be minimized by:  improving soil to sustain healthy plant growth; selecting plants that won’t outgrow their space or require extensive pruning; using drought tolerant and disease resistant plants; limiting lawn areas to a practical size, and selecting the most drought tolerant, disease-resistant turf grass appropriate for the site; resolving edge treatment and drainage problems; planning for watering logistics and irrigation needs.


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